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A Little About Us

A Short Story of Our Beginning

Les and Chris callsMy father and I have had an avid interest in hunting our whole lives, especially waterfowl! My Dad taught me the basics of hunting, waterfowl identification, and most importantly, respect and etiquette for the sport of waterfowl. The thrill of calling ducks and geese into your own decoy spread is unmatched. At least that is what I thought until I got to do it for the first time using a call that I had actually made from my own hands. From that point on, a new appreciation and passion for water-fowling was born.

As the story goes, I have always liked to tinker with woodworking and I was fortunate enough to have a great friend, Ron, who had a lathe and made custom duck calls throughout his life. He helped me find an old lathe to start learning on. I emphasize “old”, it was actually so old there was not even an ‘on/off’ button, only the power cord. So when you plugged it in, you better be ready because it was moving. With Ron’s guidance and expertise, I made my first duck call. From then on, I was hooked. I started making wooden calls, using hedge/Osage orange from our own farm in SE Iowa. Then I began searching the web for various exotic woods, and starting experimenting with various shapes mixing wood and different inserts. I started cutting inserts off a public jig until I eventually found the sound I wanted and from there I have tweaked the tone-board to our liking. After messing with gluing different woods and colors, shapes, etc., I decided I wanted to try the same idea with acrylic. It was much more difficult and expensive to do with acrylic, so I started my search to learn how to make my own acrylic. Through extensive research with chemists from various parts of the country I figured out what and how I wanted to make our product. Dad could see my passion for craftsmanship and for entrepreneurship. We began talking about setting up our own little ‘Son and Pop’ business.

Dad sanding call
We started out small but then as luck would have it, we made connections through another call maker who introduced us to one of the largest and most popular duck call makers in the country (thanks to a reality show series starring their family) We were able to provide them a different style of acrylic barrel encapsulated with custom made artwork logos. Over a two year period we made thousands of barrels for their company. Business was off and running, and we haven’t looked back yet!

Because of our success and product line that was unlike any product currently offered we were advised to file for a patent. It is a long and expensive process but finally in 2013 we were awarded our U.S. Patent!

Since we received the Patent we have decided to test the waters again, by marketing and producing our calls with our brand name for retail offering. We are still a small company, but have large expectations and high hopes. We have all the tooling and everything we need to do custom runs for people and/or companies, as well as a large production run for major retail. We’ve done calls for weddings, hunt clubs, businesses, etc. We can take any logo or image and put it inside the duck call. It will have an outer “shell” for UV protection and it won’t chip or fade. For instance, if you want a camo call or some other design, it is always on the outside and soon will be exposed to the elements while hunting. It doesn’t take long and it’s chipping or wearing off and soon you’ll be in the market for another call! That simply won’t happen with our calls!

Chris-tuning-call-300x199We have designed our duck & goose calls to be very easy to blow, not taking a lot of air. While they don’t take a lot of air, they still have the ability to get loud, or back off and get raspy and quiet. The calls are great for the novice beginner or the seasoned veteran hunter. Check the sound files by each call description!

I am passionate about the opportunities out there, I’m fortunate to be working with my father in this endeavor. We are really excited about the creativity of custom calls. Not to mention, it is still a first time thrill to call in a duck or goose with one of our Double B calls! We are looking forward to a great future. We hope you’ll agree we have a special product and thanks for checking us out!

— Chris and Les Betts

Our Team

Dedicated to a Great Hunting Experience

CEO and Owner/Partner

Chris Betts

Chris has been hunting waterfowl for about 30 years. His father first introduced him to duck hunting in southern Iowa around the age of 7. From that point on in was on his brain! Over the years Chris has had the privilege of learning a lot from his father, Les, when it came to wetlands and land preservation for wildlife. Les worked for the Natural Resource Conservation Service and Chris got to see firsthand what conservation and wetlands meant to the wildlife. After college and moving away for a number of years Chris decided in 2009 to return to his roots and started a hobby. A good friend and hunting partner, Ron Geisler, had made duck calls for years and it always intrigued Chris.  As luck would have it Ron was able to get Chris an old lathe through a friend of his. And so it began! He was so hooked that in the middle of the night if an idea came to him, he’d drive to the shop and start turning a block of wood. He always strives to be different and innovative in everything he does. One day he was able to apply that to call building and eventually he patented the process of encapsulating an image within the walls of a game call. That’s where it all really changed. The “hobby” became a fulltime job in which he and his father were running Double B Custom Calls together. The time together was priceless. They produced over 50,000 calls in a matter of 2-3 years. With all the growth the business changed and eventually Les wanted to return to retirement. In early 2015 Les again retired and Chris partnered with his current business partner Zach Hornberg. Although Double B offers a full range of calls from duck, goose, wood, poly, acrylic, and several other materials, Chris still finds time to produce custom one of a kind calls as this is truly where his passion is.


BJ Simmons

BJ has been hunting waterfowl since his early years. He avidly pursues duck and goose, deer, coyotes, upland birds, and trapping. That’s right, if it’s in Iowa he wants to hunt or trap it! BJ has grown up with Chris as very good friends. They’ve hunted together for over 20 years and have a lot of stories. BJ helped with Double B in the beginning when help was needed. After several years of helping on a part time basis he decided to join the team as a fulltime employee and floor manager. If he’s got some time away from the shop he is probably helping to build new duck blinds or getting dekes ready. He is also very busy with 3 kiddos and all their sporting events. BJ is a great addition to the team and is a “jack of all trades”!


Les Betts

Les has been with Double B Calls since the beginning. Literally! He is Chris’s father but also helped start the business a number of years back. He has been hunting turkey and waterfowl for over 40 years. He taught Chris how to call and the etiquette of being a hunter. Les worked for the Natural Resource Conservation Service for over 30 years before retiring in 2006. He’s hunted ducks all over the Midwest and Canada. Nowadays he helps in the call shop on a regular basis. When not in the call shop he can generally be found at the family farm or in the hunting cabin. His years of wisdom and experience add a lot to Double B.

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